I got an attitude with god

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 21:24 -- Soulae

I got an attitude,
Attitude with God,
Maybe I’m not supposed to say that,
Maybe I’m always supposed to call on his name and give him praise,
Maybe it’s wrong to question him,
But the reality is I’m only human,
When I go to sleep at night yea I’m blessed,
Cause I look at what he gave me,
Look around my room,
But I question him,
And ask why,
Why did you give me talents but no way to make em happen,
I know that’s my move,
But I’m not moving,
Sometimes I get angry,
And wanna disappear,
Cause I wanna do so much,
But I’m blocked with another page in my book,
I’m still here,
Still on the same page,
I feel like I can be that one to make it,
Like this is my time
You gave me something special,
I see now,
But it’s like you not letting me get there,
I get frustrated sometimes,
Cause I wanna make my dreams happen,
I got so much I wanna accomplish,
No one knows half of what I see,
I wanna travel the world,
Move my family out of this town,
I don’t like saying “can’t”,
But sometimes that word crosses my mind,
He got me in a place I don’t like,
Its real uncomfortable,
I know I’m young but I’m old in the soul,
I just wanna get me feet off the ground,
And hop into my visions,
Maybe I’m just tripping,
Or maybe I’m being honest,
Well I am,
I’m here,
I’m just waiting on him,
It’s getting real tiring though but I guess this is how it go,
When you know you can be something,
I don’t know.
I just got an attitude with you.


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