I Hope It Helps

It came to the mind in a way of being whack.
I wanna try just once, I promise I'll be back. 
Happiness spreads like a needle pulling thread, 
Though what I want is something in my head.
Pain and lust...does it hurt? 
Or simply something lovely to quench this aching thirst. 
So it doe, first hand I know it well, 
Time to find my escape to make it all seem swell. 
Fidgeting hands, mistakes I see as heaven,
I'll try it all to help me break through, to make this hell end. 
Laughter, love and peace. 
He broke it down, threw it in one piece. 
Lost hope for popping, time to start the smoke from stopping. 
Her time for depression is here, 
Keep the things far that'll bring the fear, 
He left her with broken promises, even while he was there. 
It's time she starts to live, to live without a care.

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