I Must Know Your Name


United States
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I must know your name
what secrets lie beneath your face
what tears run thick through your veins
I must know your name
Speak it
Tell it to me slowly
let your fingers
rather than your tongue
let your eyes
rather than your teeth
carry me away
in a moment
sing it on a breeze
I must know your name
I'd like to feel it
as if it were my own
wear it like a skin
taste it on my tongue
I must know your name
what mysteries lie upon your breath
what history conjures up itself
in your walk
left, right, left, right, pause,
stop, right, left
and in that rhythm
is a part of yourself
I must know your name
spell it out on drums
or guitar strums
whisper it
but come Heaven or Hell
I must know your name
how it flows through your veins
and it spills
bubbles up like blues
how it swings in your hips
and it moves
like soul train!
is that alright?
I must know your name
I must
this curiosity seems to bust at seams
because you seem like a story
a time and a place
more than a body, a voice or a face
I'd like to pick at your bones
until no secrets remain
but first things first...
I must know your name...


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