I never think of myself as a writer

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 20:01 -- Donne

I never think of myself as a writer per se but as a young man, never really often expressing myself properly, I found writing to be a great way to communicate. English is my second language,and it intrigued me: I was curious how I could utilize it-- with all its vocabulary and grammar-- to bring forth those ideas, emotions, opinions I cage inside. Poetry seemed like an odd concept at first but I realized the beauty in it. To be able to express oneself in structured form seems restrictive but I have read and heard many who have used the rules to their verbal advantage; the best poets are the ones who express themselves so freely that the reader forgets there is even a set of rules being followed. If a poet can make that look so easy, then she or he has done the job well. Poetry and writing in general is an exercise and a goal to me, and I hope someday I can call myself a writer and a poet able to express-- with ease-- those ideas, emotions, and opinions.


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