I Now Realize

I now realize how everything can change

in the blink of my raged fillied eyes

The words people use or say in slang

A day with the real pain not diguised

I now realize why the grass isnt always green

or why the sky isnt always blue

why people are so inconsiderate

and why they do the things they do

I now realize that beauty really is skin deep

and what it feels like to be deprive of that feeling

why so many women are remarkable talented

and how many men are blessed with strength

I now realize why people fall in love

why people start sex at an early age

why parents are so overprotective with their doves

and why children are always the ones kidnapped next

However I now realize that there comes a time

when the sunny days gloom away

and then all thats left is darkness

that becomes a state of madness, depression, and confusion

and that's when I Now Realize

why there are sexists

why there are murders

why there are prostitutes

why there are LGBT's

why there are secreters and all

and what they all have in common

is what people can't see

The darkest of the darkest past

ends up being covered behind the scene

But realizing all this still makes me wonder

The science behind every scheme

Why people sit in their cozy homes and slumber

instead of trying to prevent the pride and injustices of the world

such as just consciously realize that the homeless man

you pass on the street every day is, in fact, a man 

Through choices of his own or circumstances out of his control,

he ended up in this situation, and that makes him no less human

Say hello and warmly greet him.

Your greeting could bring healing to his heart,

and help heal the world one person at a time.

Treat people as equals, no matter how you interpret their social standing.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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