I was okay

I wasn't exactly fine before you came.
But I was still okay
and you were you
just a friend of a friend.
Then our hands brushed
and my cheeks set a flame.
I was okay
and you were just some cute boy.
We talked for hours on end
and you made me feel butterflies
over and over and over again.
I was cautious
and you were charming.
My lips met yours
and for once
everything felt right.
I was elated
and you were delightful.
Those oh so soft lips of yours said,
"I love you."
I said, "I love you too."
I was love struck,
the kind that ignites your body
and warms your heart
and I thought you were too.
You left with my happiness
leaving behind a trail of betrayl.
I am heart broken
and you are okay.
I am just me
a friend of a friend
and you are okay.


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