I Wish I Didn't Know

I wish I didn't know that dandelions were weeds

That fairies don't live among the trees

I wish I didn't know that people can't fly

That time passes by and by

That we grow

That we age

I wish I didn't know

About the effects of change

I wish I didn't know bluebirds don't really sing

That unicorns aren't real

Nor do they have wings

But I really wish I didn't know about hunger

And deceit

I wish everyone could have one meal

To eat

I wish I didn't know about suffering or pain

I wish no one was stuck beneath the cold pouring rain

I wish I didn't know about love nor hate

Neither of them are really that great

I wish I didn't know about monsters under my bed

That they're not real

It's all in my head

I wish I didn't know about desire and lust

I wish I could just

I wish I could- trust

Temptation and fear

Sensation and greed

Poverty and sadness

This world we live in is complete madness

This knowledge

This knowing of the world

That boys can't openly be girls

That it's unacceptable to be yourself

Well who should you be then

Surely not someone else

Or is that what they want?

Is to conform

Yes! Conform so that way we all preform

We skip from day to night

Performing our habits built by the bill of rights

Ignorant to the fact many fail to see

Our founding fathers were just that



Neither mothers nor daughters

But we were founded in a male dominant world is that what they want

The retrieval of boys to be men

And girls to be girls


Is that idealistic

This is what I wish I didn't know

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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