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The joyful
The smile-fakers
The simple
The up to no good
The believers
The "special"
The "I'm fine"
The "I'm okay"
The brave
The strong
The saved
The depressed
The emotionally unstable
The people pleasers
The liars
The fighters
The content
For the broken
For the self-harmers
For the lonely
For the estatic
For the ones who never give up
For the strangers
For the stragglers
For the ones who are too easily influenced
For the ones who get too close
For the mute; voiceless
For the ones who don't know if they made the right decision
For the ones who tremble at the thoughts of tomorrow
For the ones who have failed to know how liberating it is to put a pen to paper and ignite
To do those 26 letters that rule our tongues justice
To bring emotions to life on the ones where feeling has become absent
To give direction to the lost
Aide the wondering
To spell everything out
To fill a spiral bound notebook with secrets that linger in my mind
To teach
To learn
To inspire
To be able to write will forever be a burning passion that lives in my heart
I write for ALL I have mentioned and so many more
But I also write simply for me
I write when it gets too difficult to speak
I write to reveal the truth that runs around in my mind
To put those tireless thoughts to rest
I write.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let your voice be heard, express yourself proudly

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