I write


Emory University
United States

because we live and breathe and 

bioche-mic-al-ly move. we jiggle. we dance. we eat and cry and move and pack. we break and bond and reconstruct, kinetic, alive. we sense, we feel: we    f          a                  l                         l.                 we fly.  but we never LIVE unless we choose to.  we are only porcelain and plastic, only passivity, only unexamined and unworthy, unless we choose to live: awake.  and if the nine to five is dull, if linear and flat lives lull, if bread and circuses -- minds empty, wallets empty, bellies full -- soothe us back from worry, back from action, back from change, words? words make thought, make feel, make do, make new,  make love and light and spark and shout,  make pain,  make wake and rise,  and run,  and sun above and wind before,
  sky cerulean and  sharp and    cold  and clear,  green and blues and heat and sting and burn  and ache so powerfully sweet.      WORDS!  ... 
words make life.   and I?   I choose to live. 


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