I Write

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 18:39 -- kbuco

I write because

I can't speak.

Words get stuck

Behind the plastic on my teeth.

It's hard to talk on the spot,

Make a great retort, or give the

Class an amazing report of the

Gerbil that danced to

"Pants on the Ground."

Whenever I speak,

All I hear are the sound of crickets

And the door close with a nasty creak.


I write so that my ideas flow.

When my mouth opens, the sentences

Panic because they don't know where

To go. Once my pencil hits the paper,

My hand moves on its own. When I write,

I always get the feeling of being

"In the zone."

Don't get me wrong because I can

Communicate and stately articulate

What I need to. It just doesn't happen often.


I write so that I'm taken seriously.

My explanations and interpretations

Are much better when I don't say them.

Otherwise, there will only be mayhem in

Your mind because I'll just be trying to

Commend you but you'll think I'm doing

My best to offend you. I write so that if I

Say something wrong or untrue,

I can just erase it or press Undo.


I write so that you can see my words

Speak for me.


Need to talk?

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