I write because..


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I have thoughts that I often don speak
I just keep them all inside not wanting anyone to know the real me,
I write to express, to voice, to vent,
with emotions that cant be seen like i'm living life behind tint.
I write because I've been there, I felt that,
the pain others are scared to voice.
I write because it's who I am and I deserve to have that choice.
the choice to finally let out what I feel and never have to hold it back,
to be able to write down how I feeling in the pages of a notebook and know where its at.
I write to define who I am, what I been through and what I plan to accomplish
but its hard trying to do so with others opinions that can be so monsterous.
I write for those who have always had something to say with no way to say it,
for those who have dreams of success but who have never thought they'd make it.
for those who have been hurt with not enough words to express,
for those with brighter visions of accomplishing nothing but the best.
I write to feel free because I a at least entitled to that much
to let out the anger I hold with out speaking any fuss.
I write for those who have battles in everyday life, for those who have no choice but to live and fight.
I write for those who have lost, those who have been lost, those who are still lost
for those who are unfortunate and cant afford to have a thought.
I write for the brave, for the scared, for the young,
for those who actually know how it feel to lose someone by a gun.
I write for everyone, everything and not just myself
I write to heal open wounds and not just for the wealth.


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