I Write for Him


They ask me why I write.

I guess when it keeps me distracted at night

It's hard to sleep with all the rhymes in my head

Guess it's better than wishing I was dead.

Dad won't stop yelling, mom won't stop crying

And I'm just in bed, sitting here, lying

Not just to myself, but to everyone else

Saying, "It's gonna be alright."

But that's what I've been telling myself for too many nights.


It's different now. I have found the King.

My Holy Father, the One who gives me my voice to sing.

A voice to rhyme...

The strength to climb...

Straight to the top

Where I reach for His Hand

And in His perfect, Heavenly arms I land.


It's beautiful here; there are no more tears,

No more worries, and certainly not any fears.

Residing here is only joy, hope, beauty, and strength

Because through Him, I have changed.


Funny enough, He was ALWAYS there

Begging to take me into His loving arms and stroke my hair

Take my problems and whisper a changed lie

Because honestly now, everything will be alright.


My favorite verse is 1 Peter 5:7-

I love knowing I can just give it all to my true Father in Heaven.


So when the hardships of this life start getting me down

And the suicidal thoughts start coming back around,

I grab a paper and pen,

Talk to my Father and then,

He​ alone gives me the rhymes to write, 

The strength through my days and peace to sleep through dark nights.


He alone is the reason why I write and honestly, the reason I'm still alive.


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