I Write to Survive

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 19:59 -- Wethnie


I write to hold onto the dreams that my foolish mind once believed

Could bring me to the light away from the world of the shunned 

That fills me with sorrow yet sucks the breath from my body

The light from my eyes, my soul from my being to bring others

The joy that I cry for.

I write to release the years of hate building within my chest

That makes me feel like there are bricks upon bricks on my heart

To help me know that your abandonment will not bring me to me knees

To help me remember that I can move past your violation

And one day give a little smile just for my hearts content 

Instead of the worlds greedy nature to make me conform

I write to get away from the pain 

from his drunken leers

from her screams 

from their tauntings

from my own self hate

I write to release the pain that builds in my chest 

That even now consticts my throat

As the tears flow

And the sobs bubble up in my throat

I write to forget how they make me feel worthless and lost

That I can't even look myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed

I write because I can't even lie and say I'm beautiful

I write because I can't look myself in the eye and say that I love myself

I write because I have no one to talk to

I write because I'm scared I'll hurt myself

I write because I feel lost and alone

I write for release

I write to survive the world and my own demons that fight to destroy me

I need to write to survive or I know that I won't make it out alive



We Are Very Similar 


I'm sorry to hear that the way I feel isn't something I personally would want anyone else to feel or go through. I know that alot of people in this world go through alot of stuff that makes them feel like this. I just wish there wasn't.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you validated your reason to write

there is pain and sorrow i sense when i read this poem

this can be a new beginning for you to help motivate in breaking a vicious cycle and

inspire others that went through similar experience as yourself

nice poem


i  love your poem its just like the way i felt when i was 14 and also now but just keep writing i want to read more :) 


Your poem is powerful. One of my first thoughts when reading this is that I can relate this work. One of the best aspects about reading, whether it is a poem, a book, or anything else, someone, somewhere in the world can relate to it. This poem shows me that. As much as we believe we are alone at times, there will be a situation where someone says or writes something that expresses how you feel, and you feel a little better that you are not the only one feeling the way you are feeling.


I love this poem and I actually felt this. Sorry, I'm a little late with this comment. 


Writing is a great relief of emotions and I'm glad you do that rather than self harm a very good poem though


Deep, love it <3 Keep writing


Then write on.


Beautiful word that speak of the world that I live in too. So that I you for a dose of hope, and may your day be filled with so much more.