If they should ask

 If they should ask I want you to tell them That I lived in an amorphous box A glass house And my windows were not  impervious to these stones You'll be able to see how transparent I really was Mention Between eternities past and eternities future I confined myself to flashes of time and a few unpredictable destinies You looked at me and seen nothing but contempt for 1,2,3 believe after me And that crowd has sent more people to hell I would love to see how heaven I  really was I sat high on mountains on the shoulders of God And promised myself I won't feel the aging of my bones drying up in the valley Almost savage like -  Hold your breath in anticipation at the sound of my voice Tell them Jesus saved my soul And grandma cooked soul And I was the god father of soulTell them I loved my brothers And I admired my sisters Ups and downsI appreciated the rollercoasters of life It gets no better than joy riding Tell them I prayed without ceasingI prayed without ceasing I prayed without ceasing I heard from the God like audibles I laughed in the face of opposition  when I seen obstacles Tell them I was all manAll about my business  All the time Tell them I was human Tell them I was once a boyFilled with lucky charms fit to Marry No leprechaun could steal my treasure Tell them when you pronounced me man I was Pronounced with woman I was all Adam And she was all rib, bone, flesh , helper,  she was my wife and we made love to live to live to love and we loved it Tell them I was honest to the T I was honest like Tea  I read a dub of scripture  I was as wise as serpents and harmless like doves Mention conversation in times past Tell them my flesh went to war with my spirit And the battle was fierce I had passionI was a poet A preacher I pitied pitiful paradoxes and made them perfect A perfectionistIt was my own prerogative to jot down these words My prophecy were these words being administered and beautified Wrapped in potency and propensities This is important I had Purpose Before I am gone Before I am no longer personified Before the earth gives me its last name Before the dirt grips my body into eternity Remember me, Jazer Sylvester Willis I Gave my all If they should ask Tell them I lived In an amorphous box A glass house 

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My family
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