The Ignorant Heartbreaker

To the boy who tainted my heart:

Once upon a time you showed me the world,

A love that was so strong and so unusual, but I knew you felt it too,

You took care of me and in return I gave you my trust,

Oh how naive you made me feel.

I think often of the night when I was too helpless to say no,

And in that moment my trust meant less to you than my fragile body.

I didn't think it was wrong, afterall we were in love.

The few that knew told me this wasn't okay,

But I was blind to their concerns.

We both grew and my willingness to please you was no longer enough.

You didn't even have the courage to dump me in person,

While I recovered you went off to find someone new,

And you never let me show you how much it hurt.

As if breaking my heart wasn’t enough you became a bully,

Using my secrets to push away anyone that trusted me,

Blaming me for crimes I never even committed.

There is so much I wish I could say, but you won’t listen.

I want to trust again, but the scars glue me down.

To the boy who tainted my heart, I want you to know that I forgive you,

Even though you never apologized.

I want you to know that I am happy,

And I have fallen in love again.

I want you to know that I won’t let him break me the way you did.

One day you will understand your sins,

And on that day you will become a man.


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