I'll Never Let You Go


United States
26° 3' 27.54" N, 80° 18' 36.6048" W

Sun kissed toes in the sugar soft sand
Washed by the ocean on a tropical land.
She closes her eyes and dreams of a place,
Away from the world, where she sees his face.
She finds herself away from real life
And opens her eyes to see her love in her sight.
His soft blue eyes reach deep in her soul,
Mending her heart where she had a hole.
She hugs him tight and feels his heart beat,
and remembers how his chest felt when he breathed.
He pulls her away and kisses her head,
"I love you,' he whispers under his breath.
He walks away as she sheds a tear,
and opens her eyes, and she is back here,
on a land so far away from her One and All,
without the love of her life so handsome and tall.
The waves hit her feet, buried in sand
As she wishes she could go back to that wondrous land
Where her husband went to live in peace
Leaving not just one small child, but three.
While she walks away wiping a tear,
The wind whispers "I love you," into her ear.
She smiles ever so slightly, warmth in her heart,
Because she new even death couldn't keep them apart.


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