I'll Tell You What Makes Me Tick

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 21:56 -- team260

Fun. The thing that makes me tick are the things I enjoy the most. Friends, family, dance, music, my communities, and gaming. All of these things make me who I am. Life would be nothing without any one of these.

Dance is how I express myself. Every style of dance, every dance move is a different emotion I'm able to show in awesome movement. Watching dance, performing dance, choreographing dance, It's all incredible. Beautiful art through motion.

My music is what gets me ready for anything. When I sit down in the chair for a match of competative gaming my headphones and a good song are what put me in the game and pump me up for victory. When I'm having a crappy day all I need is some good alternative music or some solid eurobeat to get me back to good.

Gaming is basically my daily life. Every day I wake up and turn on my Nintendo 3DS for a quick advancement in Pokemon. Then, I go to school and gradually sort through my daily rounds in Animal Crossing. During my breaks I go to my teacher's room and we play Super Smash Brothers. After school I go home and hop on my Xbox. Every month I go to a Super Smash Brothers tournament and "destroy noobs" and win money. Competitive gaming and gaming in general is everything.

What makes me tick is fun and the things I enjoy doing. I live my life to love living and I love doing it.


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