I'm Addicted To Pepsi

I'm addicted to Pepsi.

Something I seriously can’t live without.

I know too much is bad for you,

but pour me one before I start to pout.


I’m addicted to the sweet, sugar rush.

To the sound as I open the can,

I swear it talks to me,

Like it’s saying “I’m the man.”


Pepsi is my chocolate.

Leaving me craving for more.

Everyone admires chocolate,

but Pepsi is what I adore.


I’ll take any food with a side of Pepsi.  

I don’t even have to read what’s on the menu.

If I was to drive to a place of all sodas,

I’ll be on Pepsi Avenue. 


That’s how much I’m addicted to Pepsi.

It just tastes so good.

Especially with a cup of ice,

I hope I’m understood.

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