I'm fine

Fine. Fine. Fine.

Careless people askng if I'm "okay." Students giving me looks cause I act differently. 

It seems nowadays everyone's feeling bad forme.

Trying to offer me pity and throw jabsat me.

Wanna give me advice and then laugh at me.

Let me be by myself.  Just me and myself..

Fine. Fine. Fine.

Being pressured into things I wouldn't dare in million years.

Nowadays it seems as if people have lost their filter.

With their words, their minds, their actions, everything's a "joke."

Bet you didn't know a "joke" can take a person's life.

So does that make death funny to you?

Fine. Fine. Fine.

Solitary. Existing alone. I am lonesome.  Like everyone says, but my lonesomenes is bound to end.

A flashligh is made to brighten darkness

I am darkness.

But I soon found my flashlight.

He was different, not like any other.  Every word, every compliment was like tape being removed from my mouth.

Giving me power.

But. But.  But.

Every flashlight runs out of batteries and complete darkness returns.

His words echo in my head.

I am alone again.

Just me and myself.


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