I'm a Hybrid

I believe I'm nocturnal

Why may you ask?

Because sleep doesn't exist at night

but you see, nocturnals at least sleep during the day

So I must be a vampire

but vampires have a lot of energy

So maybe I'm a doe

that explains why I'm always anxious

But I'm also always sad too

Maybe, I'm a hybrid

Hybrids can exist.

maybe I'm a super hybrid

I'm a nocturnal vampire doe!

Those exist, right?

but I can't tell anyone because they won't believe me

they'd also laugh

Or, if they do believe me, it won't be taken seriously

I'm a nocturnal vampire doe!

How is that not serious?

Oh well, I know one thing for sure,

I'll be taken more seriously than something more ridiculous

like chronic illnesses


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