I'm A Little New At This


The words that leave my lips are just as important as the people who fought for it 

I live and breathe rhythm and to share such a gift is moving

I'm a little new at this

But I'm sure people will understand 

They will understand my words and listen to my vibe 

They will find that sweet place in their hearts for me to be heard by many or even a few 

Poems don't have to rhythm 

Or be put with a fancy jingle to be heard 

I'm a little new at this,

Ya feel me... Word 

I write in secret

Hoping one day I would come across such a thing that will lead me way past lost

I don't write just with a pen

But with the heart 

I'm a little new at this 

But this is a start 



My friend, if this is your “beginning” poetry, I am more than excited to read your words a few months down the line! This is a poet’s poem-- a walk down memory lane for every poet. A reminder that we all start somewhere and grow to become the poets we are today. I enjoyed reading this to the fullest! I love that your poem begins with a soft, newbie feel and as you begin to rhyme and up the level of flow your poem finishes with an epic ending! Great work!


I agree, I can't wait to see how you grow as a poet.


agreed I second that


You may be new, but that was very sweet. :) Wish you luck! 


Love the poem. It truly does illustrate how it feels to start out as a new poet. Don't give up! Keep writing on my friend! 


love it! Keep at it (-:


This is beautiful poetry for just being " new to this"!