I'm not that different/Don't even scream


You think I am different.

You think I am amazing.

You think I am flawless.

You, in some ways, may be right.


I work when I wake to make for a better light.

I will see to bring you to smile.

I am ambitious to beyond the ceiling.

I feel sincere in the topic that one starts.


Those are so very true.

Those ideals are not mine alone.

Those were not formed by the world's pressures.

Those people have never bothered me


Still the truth is I struggle everyday.

Still I fight time and my own limits.

Still do I fall in the mightiest of ways.

Still I am scared and shy when words converse.


For sure I screamed.

For sure I tired.

For sure I never stopped smiling in persistence.

For sure this is what makes me my best and something to be admired.




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