I'm Not Faking

You can tell I'm not faking when I've begun to climb a nearby tree
When it's not covered in ants
I'm myself when I'm working, helping others or just being plain selfish
When I'm drinking my morning tea
It's when I'm thinking about God and how much he loves me
In spite of me
It's when I'm not perfect
When I'm not corrupted by the media and societies opinions
The real me is an introverted personality and sarcastic silliness
When you hear a faint singing voice in the distance
Me is this fleshy body and temporary home
Without makeup or flashy clothes
It's when I'm in the back of the room and nobody knows
It's when I kick a soccer ball or draw people at the mall 
I'm myself when I'm not worried because God takes care of me
That's how you know I'm not faking
When I show this smile with these eyes
You know it's me
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