I'm Proud That I'm Flawless


I’m Proud That I’m Flawless!

By: Chin Nou Khang


What a flawless life with my flawless night,

I travel in a honda with my flawless guys.

Finding a new place to party tonight,

So flawless that I don’t need a invite.

I only have 2 dollars in my pocket but that's alright,

Because of me so flawless I'm higher than the sky.

I'm still a asian brother who’s wearing his old flights,

But still get the ladies number out of all the guys.

I’m Proud That I’m Flawless!


From the cold of the Minnesota snow,

If you want the truth I’m a winner not a loser.

I’m so hot that even goldilock wouldn’t take a bite of my pot.

Even the snowdrop would melt Because I'm flawless and hot.

I’m flawless like the video game Bioshock.

I’m Big Daddy the main character,

so flawless that I don’t need Little Sister.

I’m Proud That I’m Flawless!


Incredible amazing things happen when you’re a guy like me,

I woke up so flawless that I even heard the birds singing about me.

Skin smooth so flawless time is tick tocking,

while I’m writing about how flawless I can be.

I’m so flawless that the next year,

I’m the first generation to go to college in my family.

I’m Proud That I’m Flawless!

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