I'm Ready


All eyes on him.

Hopes and dreams and money that screams

to succeed; all lie on his shoulders.

The weight of scolders

in the rival stands and prayers from believers.

No time for a breather,

get together your demeanor.

The time is now, no excuses–

‘cause one false move and your team loses.

Fans cheer for victory, but if fail quickly

hiss and piss and dismiss any prior success.

Talk about stress.

Frustration, a hesitation, lack of concentration;

one slip and it’s done, but he can’t–

he won’t let them down; keep pushing ‘til they’ve won.


Voices begin to cloud his head.

No, forget what they’ve said!

Take a breath and refocus;

it’s not hopeless.

Visualize the feat–

get your shit together and compete,

we’ve trained for this!

No, not the hours in the gym

‘til your limbs go limp;

or the time on the field

memorizing plays and ways

to defeat the opponent–

no, not that component.

The time getting mentally strong,

preparing all along for this moment right here.

Push through the stress, don’t let it interfere.

The mind is your greatest power,

it’s no time to cower.

Use it to your advantage and

manage your emotions, tune out the commotion.

I’m ready.

He’s stronger now, you can see it in his eyes.

This moment will not be his demise.

The final play begins, intensity grows; he knows now

he will not fail.

Praises arise – he has prevailed.


It’s those moments in time,

pressure that takes over the mind,

that I inspire to refine.

Sports psychology; my ideology

of bliss. All I want is this.

It will transform my life, this dream:

To bridge the gap between

the mind and the body–

such an amazing machine.

To reach to my career goal I must enroll

in years of schooling and classes,

learn as much as possible in the time that passes.

I will succeed.

Sleepless nights and shots of caffeine;

do what it takes to obtain my dream.

Reading endless pages,

all written by great minds.

Get ready for the grind.

Finally graduated, and on the right track.

Now it’s time to make an impact.

The time is finally here,

been waiting for years.

I’m ready.

My dream job is in arm’s length,

use my strength

to help others in need; exceed all expectations.

Lay down the foundation

and help with their aspirations.

I feel the passion in my soul

to help the mind be in control.

For by achieving my ambition,

I help to better their competition,

shift their thoughts to change their thinking;

negative thoughts now begin shrinking.

The circle of good never ends–

but you must comprehend;

my role is not just to help my career, let’s be clear!

Inspiring others through sport psych,

all ages alike, improving mentality,

turning dreams into reality…

If I keep with my persistence,

this one job will not just change mine,

but will indeed change THEIR existence.

I’m ready.


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