there is a landmine in your veins
tic tic ticcing away
counting down the days
until you can look in the mirror
and see yourself straight -
there is a crowd of passerby
rudely staring 
eyes bulging
like you're the greatest freakshow
they've ever seen -
everywhere you go
explaining your hilarious condition
explaining why your wrists twist
and your face twitches
picture their confusion -
a stranger trying to explain to you
that tourettes is this thing that makes people swear
and obviously you're lying, you don't swear
you just move a lot and in weird ways
obviously you don't have tourettes -
a world where you come chained
with a pre-existing disorder
and everyone else comes with fertile minds
in which Hollywood plants
their seeds of misconception -
energy building in your limbs
as you try to hold it in
your entire being overtaken
by the desire for one simple twitch
a choiceless addiction less socially acceptable than heroin -
some guy who doesn't have a clue
telling your mother that your sister
should be a special needs student
feel the anger brewing
think of the patience and composure needed -
that you are the most patient
most composed person in the room
but the way you move
people just assume
that you have no self-control -
being portrayed by the media
as exactly the opposite of what you are -
being completely in check with your emotions
but not your body -
being a freakshow
being a hilarious condition
being live-action comedy
being scared of life
being scared of yourself -
there is a landmine in your veins
tic tic ticcing away
counting down the days
until the world will look at you
and finally see you straight -
living with tourettes syndrome.
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