While everyone tries to get me to be a certain way and dress a certain way I just smile and give the whole damn world the finger,

because screw those of you trying to tell me what I can or cannot be, how i should and shouldnt dress or how i should or should not act.

I am wonderfully beautiful in my own way, brown hair and eyes aren't hard to come by but put that with a brilliant mind and a very impressive vocabulary and I can do anything.

Give me music and I can slam all the hate of the world right back in your face and you'll want to cry at your own ignorance.

I love myself and my boots and the place that i plant my roots. Theres nothing you can ever say that will make me not be absolutely flawless in my flawed way.

Flaws aren't weaknesses though, they are strengths, and I will always use those flaws to make myself stronger and better than you. Forever Flawless


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