There's excitement and adrenaline when I'm with you,

Sleeping next to you with my eyes sweeping past your cheeks,

The dull embrace of reality disappears and I'm cloaked with condensation,

It drips from my body to your lips, and you enjoy every second of it.


The only problem is I'm in love with you and you know it, but don't seem to care.

I know you don't love me and it's a struggle to love you alone.

I can't find the courage to speak these words because I live in a world of superstition.

And the love I imagine is superficial,


And the nights I'm in your bed I'm on the floor.

And the kisses we exchange is only cold air.

And the fingers I feel tangled in mine are knots.

And the warmth of your body coating mine is only a blanket.

And the eyes I wake up to every morning are only dreams. 


To love you is like my religion, and it breaks me down with unconvincing words

A passion to love you is difficult because I cannot demonstrate my love to you

I only know how to provoke your desires and evaluate your enjoyment from the heat

However, there aren't words to describe the faith and love I would like to instill in you


The immense wave I'd like to bathe you with is full of sweet water and there are pearls hiding in the clarity of the sea.

To imagine my lips strolling over the nape of your neck up to the tip of your ear

And take a bite of the sand from which you were built

And have my nails dig into your glass temples without scratching the surface


To feel your heart beat music on my skin and creating earthquakes

That's all you would want from me and I from you

But if it was the day of my departure from Earth I'd like to spend my final hour holding your hand

As the sunset dies and smiling under your head


As your hand directs mine to restricted areas 

And as I close my eyes I'd want your face to look down on me and see the truth of my love for you.

It would only be at this moment you would see my raw flesh burn into white butterflies

And fly away to the stars above you, and when I leave you behind, 

Earth will go on without me just as you would too. 

Just holding my hand one last time.

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