Why hide beauty, when it is all you can see?

Shall you treat yourself to delights and one's rights

Or indulge in the stress, into one's mischeif


You walk past the street to see a man in black

Not the black we use to track

But rather the color and symphony of an artist's pen

A tattoo with his child's name

On the front of his head


Why do we choose to hide beauty, when it is all you can see?

No matter your face or your matter of disgrace

You are to yourself and one's only captain

Not the eyes that tell you otherwise


If you choose to be different, its okay with us

Because all that matters is the self expression of us


Your auntie always told you

Believe in yourself

With the life we have

And the Time we have left

It'd be the best of our time

To be yourself




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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