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When you feel as if nobody is there,
look around, think , there is so much to share.
Even if you were on the streets,
sleeping on a bed with no sheets,
or sitting in a living room with no seats.
Remember to keep moving forward,
for you never know when you will win an award.
Struggles in life make you strong,
and teach you from right and wrong.
Head held high, only dreams to pursue,
even if its beyond reality,
anything will do.
It takes effort and faith to reach
your wildest dreams,
And you on your own is how it seems,
but depending on another,
holds you back from wonder,
do not hesitate to succeed,
for you will be wealthy and empty of greed.
when you work for your own ,
you are independent and grown.
Mommy and daddy were there to help,
only with security and health.
But now you are your own,
to watch the real world unfold.
Stay motivated, and determined, and free of stress
always look for better, and never settle for less.


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