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What is that emotion?
Locking the words in,
compressing the thoughts,
your feelings seeping through your heart.
Turning tides of complexity in your soul,
making your muscles stiff and numb.
What is that emotion?
Tingling in the red of your bones,
bubbling at the roots of your hair,
stripping your mind of sanity.
Sound wanting to escape but instead cowers behind your teeth.
What is that emotion?
Words tugging at every nerve in your body,
trapped and sad, they cry to you.
Your thoughts. Your sounds. Your feelings.
They overflow but escape to nowhere.
What is that emotion?
That Judgement of letting these pieces of you free from the edges of your lips.
That unknowing if they will hear your offering of mind.
Then there was a pen.
Then there was paper.
What is that emotion?
Like unlocking the small bird from the even smaller cage.
Spilling everything you ever hoped to release from the creation of your mind and soul on a sheet of white.
Silent gliding pen, it is loved.
You smile slightly.
You breathe.
What is that emotion?


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