inner thoughts

Sat, 01/23/2016 - 16:18 -- kedge98

i watch you talk.

do my eyes have a mind of their own?

eyes twinkling, unreal stars.

how are they doing that?

you throw your head back and laugh.

why is my jaw on the ground?

the sun dances on your arms.

why am i not in them?

my mind overflows with jealousy.

how come the sun gets to touch you all the time?

you look over at me and tilt your head.

am i listening?


why won’t my eyes look away from you?

i am watching you, the words coming out of your mouth float over me.

what did you just say?

i may be absorbing them, but i’m not comprehending them.

can you repeat that?

i’m sorry.

why am i staring?

you’re are just too beautiful and i get distracted too easily.

the only thing on my mind is how?

you continue your story after you are reassured that i am listening, even if not fully.

how can i listen when the entirety of my brain is focused on your beauty?

you are laughing to hard to finish your sentence.

fuck, how are you so beautiful?

my stomach is filling with butterflies.

will my stomach ever not be filled with butterflies when i am near you?

god i am in love with you.

how could i not be?

god you are so beautiful and i can’t understand why.

how can one person seem to contain all the beauty in the world?

but i do not question it.

why would i question it?

i just continue to keep my eyes on you.

do my eyes have a mind of their own?

never leaving your beautiful face.

why would anyone want to look away from you?

so maybe one day when i am old and frail i can close my eyes and remember your beauty.



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