Inner Turmoil

Inner Turmoil

By Aubrionna Nicole Gorden


I am the ghost of could be past

I am the love that never last

I am the tear drop and the cries

I am the shame he feels inside

Who am I?

How could you ask?

I am titanium masked as glass

The one you all thought you could break

The one you blame for your mistakes

I am the one who's always there

Even though you cause me the most despair

I am the shame she feels inside

Won't be the one to run and hide

Who am I?

Is my soul gone?

I am the nights spent all alone

I am the house without a home

I am the king without a thrown

I am the whisper in the night

That says you’ll always be my knight

Who am I to really judge?

What is and isn’t truly love

I see the wounds inside your eyes

I see you fighting not to cry

There you are looking up to me

With different possibilities

I see regret but it's too late

There's no cure for past mistakes

Can't I prevent your demise?

Only Im left to decide

Who am I?


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