From the inside out

Every night when I close my eyes

I use to be able to sleep peacefully

Now im afraid something is trying to control my life for me

It’s a like a switch that’s being turned off

One minute im happy

The next I can’t deal with what’s being placed in front of me

Im experiencing different emotions from one day to the next

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I feel sadness

I cry about it but don’t know why im crying

Intense sadness that tends to shout me down from the inside out

My heart is beating super-fast I can’t breathe I don’t know what’s happening to me

My dreams aren’t positive it’s like my life is playing in slow motion while flashing before me

My Everyday life is not as normal as it used to be

 Im afraid to live life without thinking

Im going to die early

Or is my dreams telling me I need to change before moving on to my next phase

Im suffering in a silence that surrounds me that’s trying to separate me from my mind and body

The pain is overwhelming this isn’t a reality I would wish on my worst enemy

Constantly looking over my shoulder to see who’s out to hurt me

From the inside out

I feel like im running out of time

Time with family

Time with friends

Time that will give me the chance to find out

 What a normal life truly is

From the inside out

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