Mon, 09/03/2018 - 20:31 -- Baesian

This goes out to the people who need inspiration.

People who need this rap to get something done for the day.

Anything. Just know that all you need is inspiration.


Inspire is like a fire.

You don’t really need to be inquired.

In your life, It’s very dire.

Hold it in, It won’t expire.

Inspiration is like a light bulb.

You turn on your creativity and your imagination.


All you need is inspiration.

It’s like a station

You wait to get to a location.

Once you get there,

You start deceleration,

And you go on vacation.

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration.

It really has a illustration.

With it, you can do anything and everything.

Inspiration is literally majesting.

You know Martin Luther King?

He is built up of inspiration.

You don’t need to be smart for inspiration,

Just a creative growth mindset.

Don’t need to pay a debt.

Sometimes, You can’t get it.. Yet.

But no need to get upset.


But all you need is..



A lot of people helped the world with Inspiration.

It goes out in tiny pieces, Fragmentation.

It doesn’t need de-analyzation.

If you want to help the world,

become a prime person,

Maybe even become famous,

All you need is,



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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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