Fri, 01/17/2020 - 15:48 -- emmaz20

Inspiration ? 

Inspiration has left the room

I felt it leave slowly

But all at once it was gone. 

I wish I’d beg it to stay 

I wish it would visit

Even just for one day 

I felt the emptiness it left 

The mess 

The stress that replaced it. 


The only thing it left was a cloud

The cloud devoured me whole 

It took my soul 

It made the sun Cry

It gave me this feeling 

Of wanting to die 

Things no longer made me happy 

My body felt weak

I no longer wanted to speak 

I sat alone

My heart felt like it was made of stone 

I was cold 

Internally cold 

Days went by

All I did was sigh 

I left my friends 

I left my happiness.  

I was no longer inspired to live 

One day something changed 

It was strange 

My body felt rearranged 

I looked in the mirror 

With a tear in my eye

I no longer wanted to cry 

I no longer wanted to die 

I was inspired to put smiles on frowns

To travel and change towns

To make a mark 

To show everyone my spark 

I guess I was inspired by the dark

To turn to light 

To become bright 

To become me

And that’s all I ever want to be.


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