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It's a nonstop journey
Through the mind
When pen touches paper
Limitless thoughts

She writes to let go
To obliterate daily hurt and violence
But only for a short while
Immersion in her journals
And diaries are her only freedom

When pen touches paper
The possibilities become endless
Work does not exist
School becomes irrelevant
Family becomes perfect
Problems in the world disappear
She becomes queen
Not of the world
But of everything she cannot control

When pen touches paper
She becomes queen
She can control all
All she can think of
And all she would never dream of

When pen touches paper
Her mind obliterates every bad
Murder does not compute in anyone
Stealing never crosses a mind
Abuse has never happened
Embezzling does not exist
All crime and every crime is extinguished

When pen touches paper
No animal becomes food
No human kills for survival

When pen touches paper...


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