It can feel

"Don't hit her, Daddy!"
cries the little girl
Daily she sees this
Daily she hurts
The poor animal she loves
laying there, abused
She has no clue why he does it
She only knows how sad she feels
seeing her companion hurting
She grabs the poor pup
And hides it in her room
Just hoping to save it

As she grows, she knows
This was just the regular
She tries and tries to stop it
she feels so worthless when she fails
She can't seem to protect her friend

"It may not be human
but it can feel
and it can see"
She tells her daddy
again and again
desperate for him to stop

Some will never change
she learns as she goes through life
She finally gives up on him
And moves away
"Animal Cruelty is wrong"
she proclaims day in and day out
She stands up against it
Through everything she does.


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