It Is Raining Heavily Outside

With loud thunder and lightening it is raining  heavily outside

Small droplets of water you can see on birds of paradise

Like it is balanced precariously with new hope it brings with it

Smile crossing my lips filled with beautiful dreams and new beginings 

The pure white clusters of jasmine swaying in this strong tropical wind 

It's heavenly sweet fragrance in the air while the flowers lay on the ground

Havoced by this deadly wind that the rain had brought with it this evening

All around me like an incredibly beautiful bed of white dead before it's time had come

As I look outside the window at this endless beautiful sight in front of me

I wonder how would it have been if I never had this beautiful dream to begin with

I often think to myself how would it have been if I had done it differently

Or life would have played out this way no matter what eventually

Some things in life no matter how much you plan you cannot control

Life will always have a mind of its own no matter which way you go


In this life where millions come into your life

In this world where thousands get played out

In this world where love goes away in an instant

In this world where life is like an unpredictible season

Where your world can change like a catastrophe waiting to happen

And nothing you can ever take ever for granted






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