It Shouldn't Be Like This

Tue, 03/15/2016 - 18:50 -- ngauss

They found his diary under the bed.

“Just days too late,” the agent said.

Tales of sorrow, woe, and despair

“This shouldn’t have happened; it’s really not fair”


What isn’t fair is the expectations of youth.

“The sky is the limit!”
But where is the truth?


Though there are astronauts, rovers, and the rest,

These children are just doing their best.


Best for some isn’t the moon,

Instead it’s just being a whole afternoon.


They really are trying, even with this stress

Give them time to relax and decompress


“They have no taxes, no mortgage, no life;

Hell, they don’t have a husband or wife!”


Depression, anxiety, and ailments galore,

Medical progress is more than folklore.

Yes, these illnesses were here before,

But without awareness, they were easy to ignore.


Now remember before shrieking, squealing, or squawking,

This can be prevented by simply just talking.


Learn what’s happening in your children’s mind

Before lurking problems break loose and unwind.

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