It takes one to know



i am as sweet as a peach that has fallen from a tree 

not because the wind blew but because it was ment to be 

i carry intellegence within me, although few people may know,

and once they find out they say  "that girl? are you serious?

 but shes very slow?

 i just look at them and smile

they think im a clown, that i am a fool and that i dont even know how to count 

being atractive doesnt mean that im dum

 ill show everyone what i am capable of 

what my career will turn into and how ill become 

I'll thank all my teachers for making me who i am 

for pushing me and for those who never gave up

Teachers should know that kids are kids and that everyone likes to express themselves by what they wear 

uniforms are boring and depress me allot

having to pick only one choice when i eat , isn't fair at all, 

its my senior year 

and dont give me no tears

i am lucky to say that you will see me succed this year 


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