It Will Come When It Comes

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 00:42 -- Yoshi2

Sometimes i stop believing,

i just think about it and stop breathing,

i cant take the fact that the things that i lack

are the things that i need

i mean please, please

let me find happiness,love, 

someone who i can hug,

peace, a belief

something that gives me release

release of the anticipations of life

i can't cry every night

i need for something to be right,


I wish that i could fly away,

not that far, but to a secret place

a place where i could just think,

I'm at the brink, and whenever i blink

the world just passes by,

i need to hold on to some things,

things that only happen once in a life time

but i miss each sign

that's warning me

when something amazing is about to happen

and i just cry inside

i can't lie that i'm fine

because it's everything i'm against

but these feelings and thoughts

push me against my own fence

i lose sense and start creating haibits

that aren't apart of my original status

it's not the real me, it's just the sealed me

i need to take a liitle break

before my heart it starts to break

i can not take another fake

encounter with the thing that i desire

my mind keeps on getting higher

everytime i see my fire

and then boom

i realize that i have been making desicions

that aren't part of my mannerism 


i just needed to breathe

and realize that when the time is right

when i am the me that i need to be

in order for the things that I want to come to me

i just needed to be the best me that i can be

and then those things will finally be



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