It's Hard to Explain


It seems like I'm forever confused

uncertain of what to do

Do I say this or do that?

Should I go forward or turn back?

It seems like I'm forever cinfused

in this cruel society full of brains reduced

to solemn thoughts about violence or terrorism

but I must say there are people who show heroism.

It seems like I'm forever confused

because my generation had Obama elected

yet we are still shooting at eachother

taking sons and daughters away from mothers.

I don't know about you but my mind is jumbled

and my thoughts frozen cold

because I can't process how tragedies are handled.

Trayvon Martin was killed, and his parents were issued a candle

when it was up to the judicial system to offer them justice

but then again you have to remember, he wasn't a little white girl named Candace.

Why is it that society is corrupt when it comes to a minority?

It seems like I'm forever confused

because clearly I'm a minority too

and things won't change unless, I get help from YOU.


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