I've Come to Pick A Fight

My bare feet freeze to the steel.

Only 5x3.

Stripes pain a smile on my face,

While fangs seal in my teeth.

Go ahead,

Pride yourself in the whipping of children,

Bruising their knees.

As the paint sets in,

I pace the bars;

Making my knuckles into steel.

I become how you want me to be.

You think I will show my belly.


You meet me.

The Wild One.

I’ve come to pick a fight.

I burn cassocks,

Destroy Cathedrals,

Eat lit candles,

Make your ties into nooses,

Hanging the collars of fat bald men

Owning 401k’s beating their wives.

I drive nails into baseball bats,

Saving the young from

The lions den.

People in positions of power

Are never aware of the danger

They create for themselves.

I’ve come to pick a fight.

My thumbs drive through

Eyes in place of lies.

I’m not asking for forgiveness,

I’m asking for vengeance.

This poem is about: 
My community


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