I've come so far


A blast from my past
10 years old and growing fast
A sweet little girl
Innocent and pure
Soft spoken and even demure
Spring forward
5 years ahead
15 years old and lying in bed
Stare at the ceiling
Feeling uneasy
Got thoughts making me feel queasy
Mommy I fell in love with a girl
She’s my best friend
And we’ll be together till the very end
Everyone tells me
To fix myself up right
Be kind and obedient and not put up a fight
Lose my weight
Fall in love with a boy
Let everyone use me as their personal toy
Forward again
To just short of yesterday
The day that made me who I am today
Wake up
I suddenly realize
I am looking at the world with my own two eyes
I am my own person
Who shall feel no shame
I am no longer that innocent dame
I won’t be your baby anymore
Your precious little girl
I’ve got ideas that’ll make your head whirl
I’m in love with myself
Every bit of me
I am who I wanted to be
My gender is inexistent 
People trying to change me
And damn, they're persistent
Whom do you love, my dear?
My sexuality is all
Every boy and girl and genderqueer
I am independent
I am who I want to be
Any fears and doubts I'll surely slay
Because I wouldn't have it any other way


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