*Joan Rita Jenkins* 1933-2016

~My Beloved Tonti Girl~


All my life

you were there for me

supportive and so true.

Never judging

or abandoning me

always following through.

You noticed my love

of writing and told me I

need to try,

to take the time to write

about the things

going on in my life.

From times I got my heart

broken to watching Daddy die.

Being a single mom

and just trying to survive.

To having my baby

with special needs

to seeing my husband taken

by the Immigration Police.

You told me so very often

that you hoped that you would see

the day I published something,

that would make me so happy.

I believe that day has finally come

and I’m so sorry you’re not here.

But anytime I hold my pen

you will always be near.

I love you and I miss you so

and I hope that you can see,

the happiness inside my heart

that I am finally,

doing what I love to do

playing with my words.

Give me a sign from heaven

If that’s not too absurd. 

This poem is about: 
My family