Journey through my mind

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 11:51 -- STXLE

Beat down... stayed posted up to the crowd

As if I had an opportunity to make it this round

This boxing match between myself, my confidence on the ground

A couple hits to my side and I can't get around

A quick hook to the jaw to breach my vision and sound

I only seem to hold out the deeper zones got me drowned

I feel this pain I feel insane It's got me mentally drained

My state of mind isn't too well but still i'm fighting the grain

I go against every odd that they put up in my face

I coming back until I win my bodies keeping the pace

With every line that I put out It's got me feeling enraged

The more I start to lose control my mind is losing it's place

I open my case the files filled with nothing but hate

the more talk about my feelings my heart is starting to race

Don't wanna lose it or i'm proving I can't handle the chase

I always write until find that i've been losing my trace

Fuck change!!

Fuck everybody that always doubted me

They wanna text me back because they know my personality

See that shit up in my poems know i'm bout to get a salary

For speaking how I feel whether happy or fatality

I'm writing like i'm living my life with immortality

I don't wanna die young cuz I don't wanna hurt my family

Saw my dad cry his eyes out and it felt like something died in me

I didn't care the first time just thought he needed morality

Turns out i'm just unfazed because the pain was all around me

Got used to all the struggles and the kid I used to be

Is just another distant memory of fighting the peace

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