Joy Through Tribulation


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Lord how can I last through this tribulation
I’m hurt,
My soul trembles,
My very foundations are shook.
I find my only solace in You oh Lord,
Yet You deign to grant me abundant joy and peace,
How when I was so far gone is it possible with these exceeding troubles that I know You will lift me up?
That I know You will free me from these wretched chains?
Lord how can I feel such pure elation when the world troubles me so?
How is it when I want to give in and cry out, that I cry out to You instead and suddenly I can smile, even laugh?
On my own Lord a smile during tribulation hurts more than a thousand tears,
But with Your grace oh Lord that smile becomes genuine and is balm for my aching heart,
That smile Lord is in confidence of a hope and future I know You have planned for me.
Lord I am assured in Your promised.
Though I am wretched and unworthy, You loved me enough to give Your son.
Lord nothing I can do can earn salvation, yet You granted it to me,
I know I need not worry about tomorrow,
That I need not worry about hunger, thirst, or garment,
Neither diseases nor things of darkness,
Lord I know You are faithful and just and that I am protected through Your blood and by Your love.
Lord I have faith, I know, and I am assured in the fact that through You all things are possible,
Lord cleanse any doubt in my heart and use me for the purpose You have planned for me.
I see pain all around me, yet I want to sing of Your love and I want all creation to sing as well,
I long for even my enemies to bask in this feeling.
I want to tell the world, even if the world is meant to hate me,
What is pride and mockery compared to Your love?
I am not ashamed Lord.
How can I pay back in shame what You bestowed upon me?
Salvation, joy, even peace?
Everything good is from You Lord.
How can I ever shun the only happiness in my troubles,
How can I isolate myself from my creator who knew me before I was formed?
Who loved me before I was even a thought?
Lord I praise You.
Lord how can words even grasp my awe and love for You?
And with that will words ever be able to completely express Your love for us?
Lord I exalt You.
Search my soul oh God and show me what needs to be done.
I alone can do nothing.
But with You I can boldly step out and do the impossible.
I need You.



I thank God for being there with me through tribulation and for giving me assurance in my future..

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful piece

always pray to god for everything

be a better person everyday than yesterday

continue to build

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