It's 12 am and I can barely breathe, The smoke is covering my lungs.  Your eyes stare at me through the dark,  Silently telling me to jump. That you will always catch me, But as I turn to fall you arms loosen  Its 1 am and my lips are blue, The waves are covering my face. Your voice calls to me, Asking why I didn't jump. Screaming but no sound comes out, You leave me slowly sinking.  Its 2 am and I sit on the sandy floor, The pressure is taking my heart over. I watch you dance with her, The galaxy held its breath for me.  Its 3 am and I ascend to the sky, The clouds brush at my hair. Your eyes are on the sky as you ask her to jump. My clouds reach for her, My waves grasp for her, I know her fate is in the sky under the sea.  Its 4 am and she is in your arms, The waves boil, The sky is crying, Or am I?  

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