Just DO It

Dear God,
Is it time for us to live?
And break those shackles that bound our hands and ankles?
Trying to escape, danger lurking around every angle
Whip marks on our backs, blood leaking from the wounds
White man lashing us ‘til we unwillingly succumb
It cannot be helped that we have colored skin
Why be chastised for what the mighty Lord has birthed us in?
It‘s not fair we be punished by the hand of Sin
But when …?
Will the people put an end this unending sequel?
We were promised that all in the States were created equal
Yet even the words of the Constitution brought forth no solution
For the wrath of segregation and violence had our throats by the hand
Choking slowly though poisonous as if it were pollution
Let all the nation come together and united we shall stand
Let the troubles be liberated and wails of suffering heard
Let the ancestors’ stories soar sky high by the birds
We can achieve if only we would believe
And I believe it is possible to manifest the Dreamer’s Dream
Dr. King talked about racial equality
Now look at President Obama and First Lady
We are told to be the change we want to see
Inside us all there is a hidden legacy
And it’s ready to be born and unravel our identities…
Ah, God see no black, white, Hispanic, or Asian
He sees the love of Himself in which we were created in
We must let go of the ignorance that hinders the human kind
And we must forgive past mistakes that are engraved in our minds
Hope peace, love, and happiness is with us for all time
And that one day we will accede to assemble with grace in Zion.

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